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Neeco Industries is dedicated to ensuring all of its Products exceed the requirements set by Q1 9th Edition and API-6A 20th Edition.

Neeco Industries is committed to providing a quality product with enhanced customer support.  Our products are inspected, assembled and tested with an attention to detail.

Below is a list of Neeco’s quality certifications:


API-16C License for Drilling Products



API-6A License for Wellhead Products



In the furtherance of ensuring the highest quality standards, Neeco has obtained the API Q1 License which certifies that Neeco’s quality system has met the requirements set in API Q1 9TH EDITION.



Neeco has obtained the highly respected PED license that is widely used in the EU region.  Neeco’s Quality System has been approved by third-party TUV-Rheinland according to Module H for API-6A Gate Valves and API-6A Safety Valves up to Category III. Neeco can CE mark its FCN, FLSN Gate Valves, H2N Chokes, NMS Check Valves and NC-92/NS-92 Chokes.

01 202 USA/Q-16 0844

PED CERT-2016-page-001

Neeco has received Design Assessment certification from Globally Recognized Third-Party ABS.  The Neeco FCN valves were design validated by ABS in 2014. Various sizes and trims have been approved.


PDA Cert_82076667-page-001

Neeco has also taken the extra step of complying with API-6A, APPENDIX F. The Neeco API-6A Valve underwent testing according to the requirements set out in Appendix F.  In addition, because of API scaling allowances, Neeco can PR-2 stamp valves ranging from sizes 1 13/16″-4 1/16″ with pressure ratings anywhere from 5M-15M.

pr-2 cert-page-001 (1)

Neeco specializes in the manufacturing of high-pressure API-6A gate valves used by various companies in drilling, production and fracking applications

Neeco’s gate valves are manufactured in a multitude of of specifications and trim levels, to provide our customers the highest-quality equipment for their drilling operations.

API Licenses, PED License, ABS Certifications and PR-2 Certification.