NEECO Industries, Inc.

We are a Houston, Texas based company doing business for over 20 years that specializes in the manufacturing of USA Manufactured API-6A and API-16C Monogrammed Oilfield Equipment.

Neeco Industries can provide a variety of products depending on customer needs. Customers should contact the appropriate division depending on the type of product required.

Below is a list of the divisions within Neeco and the products covered by each:i

  • API-6A VALVES & CHOKES: Gate Valves, Check Valves and Production Chokes
  • FRAC EQUIPMENT: Frac Valves, Frac Tree Components
  • API-6A WELLHEAD: Actuators, Tubing Heads, Hangers, Spools, Components, Etc..
  • WELLCON PRESSURE CONTROL (Manifold Systems):
    • Manifolds
    • Drilling Chokes
    • Control Consoles
    • Drilling Choke Actuators
    • Mud Valves


If you are looking for API-6A or API-16C Monogrammed Products, we are the place!

All chokes and gate valves-4

Neeco specializes in the manufacturing of high-pressure API-6A Valves and Wellhead, API-16C Choke and Kill Manifolds, Drilling Chokes and Control Panels used by various companies in drilling, production and fracking applications


Neeco products are manufactured according to API specifications and any additional customer requirements. Neeco can provide various configurations to provide our customers the highest-quality equipment for various operations.


API Licenses, PED License, ABS Certifications and PR-2 Certification.